Friday, 17 March 2017

WOW! Are There In-Laws Like This?


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It is saddening how certain people are not happy about the success of their fellow human's success particularly in the said party's home. It is more saddening how these people are causing miseries in their brother's or sister's homes in the name of jealousy, envy or ''I don't just like him or her'' etc.

Many however how fail to understand that what goes around comes around...just like the pains this particular woman saw in the hands of her in-laws especially her sister-in-law.

so sad and disheartening. She must have passed through a lot

I hope you are a great in-law to either your sister or brother-in-law because what you don't want others to do to you, please do not do it to others. 

Karma is real. Let it only be good tidings in form of karma that befalls you not the other way around. Live and let live. *Hugs* 

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