Wednesday, 8 March 2017

10 countries with most inexpensive real estate in the world

Rating of the cheapest real estate in the world is no less interesting than the list of most expensive private property. Practice shows that most often inexpensive real estate is located in a country with a corresponding low economy. In this post we will make a short review of ten countries with cheapest real estate in the world.

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The list of countries with the cheapest real estate in the world

Paraguay takes the first place for cheap real estate and the cost of the stay. Flat in the city centre will cost you just $150 a month, and one day stay in the hotel will cost you $5.

Following the country from South America, there comes Zimbabwe, a mysterious African State. A nice house in the province will cost you just about a hundred dollars.
The economic crisis in Argentina has dragged the country into a rating of relatively cheap places to stay. An apartment in a new ecological region in Uruguay costs about 40 000 dollars.
In resort town of Hurghada, Egypt you can also buy inexpensive real estate. For instance, you can buy a studio apartment near the sea for only 25 thousand dollars.

Pakistan takes the fifth place. A small apartment in the centre of the capital costs about 20000 dollars.

Thailand takes the sixth place. A fully equipped apartment in a prestigious region will cost you about 23000 dollars. But will the country that doesn’t have positive indicators for stay be comfortable for a long stay is another question.
The cost of one square meter of residential property in Cairo is 574 dollars, so it takes the right place in a list of world’s low-cost housing.
India takes the eighth place, possessing the average price per square meter in Bangalore of 660 dollars.

The Chechen Republic takes the ninth place. In Grozny the square meter costs 670 dollars. Low price here is explained by a high level of unemployment and troubled criminal situation.
Real estate in Mexico is far from being cheap, compared to the above mentioned countries. However, it is the only country with an economy in transition, which has relatively low real estate prices. The average cost per square meter here is about four thousand dollars.

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