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Do You Believe In Miracles?...Read These Powerful Stories


I was surfing the internet of recent and I stumbled on these amazing and powerful stories that I had no other choice than to share them. Miracles are so real and these stories makes them even more real.   

I wanted to share them on Friday as Friday Inspirations but I couldn't. I apologize for that. 
I hope you draw great inspirations from them. ENJOY!    

One day in school, while bathing, I noticed some scary growth as I washed my 'private part'.
It was so irritating and scary... I hadn't seen such in my life.
I quickly went into my room, got a mirror to have a clearer view and... Gosh! It was... I don't know... In fact, I'm feeling teary right now as I write.

I was so scared... How or when it got there, I still do not know.

That week, I went about my school business sad... I didn't know who to talk to or if I should even talk to anyone because it's a sensitive part.
Being a student Nurse, I searched through different medical textbooks, didn't find a name for it.
So, I decided to see a female Dr.,who prescribed some drugs which I used... But instead of decreasing, it was spreading more.
After about two months, I summoned the courage to talk to my roommate who happened to be my senior and a midwife. She saw it and shrank... It was so embarrassing... She couldn't tell what it was... She concluded I go see another Dr.
To cut the long story short... I started going from one Dr to another. Even to a consultant... I spent all my food money on drugs, But none worked. Yea... One almost worked until I noticed they were coming up again.
And for a year... I was battling this disease. I would cry, pray, cry, fast, cry...and cry... I couldn't tell my issue to anyone. At a point, I decided to stop all the drugs. I also stopped seeing Doctors... And faced the greatest healer squarely.
And just one Sunday morning, as I was bathing, I rubbed my hand on my part as usual to feel the thing, but to my greatest surprise, it was as smooth as smooth itself.
I was more than shocked... Ran inside to get a mirror... It was gone.
How? When?
Sincerely, I do not know... Just the same way I didn't know how and when it got there.
Whether it was gradual or sudden... I can't tell. I just know that my Father is Able to Heal...
When I say, God is a Healer... It's not just because I hear people call him that. He is a healer.
Wuraola Oluwakemi Adebumiti (shared on Facebook)

I finished school 2010 but was mobilized for NYSC 2012 due to result issues. I had a lecturer (who taught a borrowed course in Architecture) block every attempt for me to graduate unless I paid a bribe of 40k. I told my parents and they refused to give me claiming I must have eaten my fees and just used that as an excuse.
Through out 2010 to 2012, I begged him to award me my due marks but he refused. I reported to the HOD of my department, and he advised me to settle him rather than create a scene but I didn't have the money.
I went for a church programme (SHILOH 2011) and prayed about it. Few weeks before my department was due for mobilization, the lecturer himself called me to come to Umuahia, I came and he asked me to run a few errands for him like washing his car, which I did. After that, he asked me to go and he forwarded my result to my department and I was mobilized.
Secondly, when it was time for me to do my school clearance, I couldn't do it. The sum was roughly 87k and I couldn't raise it. I saved and was able to raise 25k but 62k was still the balance. I use to be a photographer then, so one day I went to the studio to process my photos. While waiting at the reception, the cashier a young girl of 20 or so, called me. I went and she asked me why I was moody. Mind you, I have never met her before, neither do we even know each other's name. I was shy at first but she pressed for answers and so I told her. She said okay and encouraged me with kind words.
I went back to my seat and waited for my pictures. When it came, and I was ready to leave, she called me back and gave me a white envelope. I opened it in her presence and it was 70k. That's how I went for NYSC. it was a loan and she only allowed me pay back 50k
Chi'msom Sobrams Awah (shared on Facebook).

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  1. Thank you Jesus!!! I believe in miracles, and I believe more in the God of miracles. He is still in the business of doing miracles, I know He will do mine soonest.

  2. AMEN DEAR! You are next in line for a miracle.

  3. It can only be God.ever faithful.


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