Monday, 6 February 2017

A Perfect Example Of Don't Be Too Quick To Condemn...Be Prepared To Be Amazed!


You look at the above picture and you are less bothered about the inside because of how the outside looks...But when you see the inside, your jaw will DROP!

Many atimes in life when we come across something or an opportunity or a person and it/he/she doesn't look pleasing to the eye, we tend to be too quick to condemn or reject that thing/opportunity/ person when in actually fact it is just a cover up.
For example, everyone wants to work in a big organisation but when an opportunity to work in a ''smaller'' organisation comes, you tend to reject the offer or give not just a second thought but many more thoughts...when in actually fact, the benefits that comes with that ''small'' organisation is actually the same thing with the big organisation or even more.

Also, a man, you look down on a woman because she isn't as beautiful or doesn't have that hour glass figure when in actually fact, she is and also has all you need in woman. Same goes to the ladies, if he isn't driving a flashy car or is he approaches you with his legs or he doesn't have six packs then he isn't the one and he doesn't have anything to offer. Meanwhile, he is royalty who is not just affluent but is blessed with a magnificent character and will treat you like a Queen.

Or we condemn an individual without first of all giving them a chance...sad

Now with the above examples, let's see the inside of this house. BE PREPARED TO BE AMAZED!


Please don't be too quick to condemn. Things or a person might not come in the way you expect but what it/he /she carries on the inside or what it has to offer might beat your imagination and expectation.

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