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10 Reasons Why You Need To Eat Beans More Than You Do


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I remember when I was little, I came back from school one day and asked my mum what I could do to grow taller and she said eat beans. It is no secret that little children prefers eating rice than beans. *Smiles*

I said alright. I remember always eating beans and going for more rounds. However, I noticed that I wasn't growing tall as I wanted. I went back to my mum and told her what I noticed, and she said
just keep eating beans, you will eventually grow tall. 

I kept on eating my beans but as time passed by, I ate it not to grow tall but because I loved it. Now, beans happens to be my best food...all thanks to my mum. *Smiles*

Yes, many of us love eating beans but not as we love eating rice. We eat beans because it is a food high in protein. But is that all we really know about it? As a result of my love for beans, I took it upon myself to find out what the health benefits of eating beans. You will be shocked of what it entails. 

Why don't we see together what these benefits, shall we?

1) Do you know that the more beans you eat, the more you kiss stomach troubles goodbye?

2) Do you know that bloated tummy can be reduced by you eating beans?

3) Did you know that beans helps in fighting cancer?

4) Did you know that the more beans you eat, the more weight you lose?

5) Did you know that one great way of managing diabetes is by eating beans?

6) Did you know that beans is richly blessed with fiber? This means that there is no need for you eating so much to get full. Beans helps you get full, all thanks to the fiber in it. 

7) Did you know that beans helps in making you look younger? Yes, it is an anti aging agent.

8) Did you know that beans help in boosting ones brain?

9) Did you know that beans is one food that is rich is iron and Vitamin B?

10) Trying to reduce your cholesterol? Then you need to eat beans more.    

With the above mentioned health benefits, I hope you can see clearly why you need to eat more beans?

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Enjoy your meal and do stay healthy. 

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  1. Beans,beans, beans.OK o Chidinma. Will try to eat more beans.


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