Monday, 23 January 2017

Where Are All The Kings & Gentlemen At? ...Be Inspired


We talked about here >   how to dress, look and feel like the king that you are. We went ahead to also inspire our kings on what they ought not to wear here >  well the inspiration continues *Smiles*

To be honest, I didn't know about most of the above and below information. The truth is, it is not only a king that needs these information, a Queen needs it too so that she can go ahead to inspire other kings (brothers, fathers, uncles etc). *winks*

It is commonly believed that no knowledge is lost. So why don't we get more inspired on how to dress, look are feel like kings for our men. I hops you love it. ENJOY!

Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A King

I hope you loved what you saw and you were inspired by them? Please share with others to inspire them too. 

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  1. Yes oo. ..Chidinma has finally remembered us

  2. I'm a perfect example of every style above but certainly not the trouser. I love my trouser like the middle dude.


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