Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How I Lost My Baby Weight 3 Weeks After Delivery Without Exercising


Pregnancy is a thing of joy but seeing your body change before your very face in terms of adding a few pounds to your body weight is really something you can't help but think about constantly. I remember  publishing a post here >  of how many were saying it will take forever for me to lose my baby weight etc. 

Well, I am happy that, that forever was just 3 weeks. *Smiles* As you read this post, I hope you draw an inspiration from what I did and also drop those few pounds you want off your body weight because I know you can do it.  

So, how did I lose my baby weight just 3 weeks after delivery?
Simple...through the help of my Mum when she came for omugwo.

Firstly, I was breastfeeding my baby. The more I breastfed my baby the more I noticed my tummy was contracting back to its pre-pregnancy state. 

Secondly, I ate strictly fruits and vegetables. I drank mainly pepper soup with fish (anything fish other than meat like stockfish, smoked fish, fresh fish etc) and also ora soup (how to prepare it here). 

Thirdly, I didn't take any carbohydrate at first. The only carbohydrate I ate was rice and it was in little quantity also filled with fish. When eating my soup, I ate it along with nothing but wheat. 

Fourthly, I embarked on hot water therapy. Whenever I wanted to drink water, I drank only hot water. Though it was not convenient particularly in days when the weather was hot because you tend to sweat a lot. However, the sweat coming out from your body is just fats leaving your body. 

I diligently did these everyday and the first time took a picture of myself, I couldn't believe it.  

I still do the hot water therapy till now. I remember going for a friend's child dedication (we gave birth in the same hospital a day apart) last 2 Sundays, she asked what I did to my tummy that it had gone back inside. I said I always drink hot water. 
She said really? I said yes. She said wow! And it is cold water she has been drinking since. She need to start this hot water therapy immediately.  

I hope the above helped you one way or the other. And I hope it helps you get that body you want. *Hugs*

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  1. can i do this even if i dont breastfeeding or having a child.

    1. Yes dear you definitely can. All the best!!!

      Drinking hot water sure does wonders.

  2. I need to add weight what do I do? Lemme add weight first I will now think of this methods. *smiles* But would definitely recommend to those I know need this especially my fiancé, she isn't pregnant and her tummy is big already. Nice post. (please don't tell her I post this) #winks


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