Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dear Chidinma, I Am In Love With A Girl Who Disgraces Me With Her English


Hello Chidinma, I hope this mail meets you well. Let me officially congratulate you on the birth of your son. I guess taking care of your new born is quite tasking hence you not publishing as you ought to. However, I am glad you still find time to publish once or twice a week.

I see people sending you mails for an advice/opinion and also needing the vast opinions of your blog readers hence my sending you this. I need your advice and also the advice of your fellow blog readers but please do keep me anonymous.  

I am a career man who is in my mid thirties. I will say I am well to do. I come from a wealthy family.
I was practically born with a
''sliver spoon'' . I am presently being pressured by my parents to get married. I keep telling them I will when I find someone.

The truth is that, I have already found someone, infact I am in love with her. The only thing is that she speaks very bad English. I am scared to introduce her to my people so that she won't disgrace me in front of them. I do not take her to functions because she once disgraced me with her poor English in the midst of my friends.

With the type of home I come from, I am worried on how my parents will react if I introduce an uneducated girl with bad English to them. Like Jay Z will say, I have 99 problems and this happens to be my major problem. I said let me try my luck in sending you this mail to see if you could help with your advice.

****In situations like this, I would have loved to address you by your name but since you said you want to remain anonymous, I will respect your decision.

Thank you for your greetings and understanding as regards my son and publishing of posts. You said you are in love with a girl you are not proud to introduce to your folks because of her spoken English?

Can I ask you a question? Have you watched the movie World Apart? It is a Nigerian movie. If you haven't, I would advice you do so.

You also said you are a well to do man, meaning that you are capable of sending your girl. It will help in improving her written and spoken English. If you are worried of her starting school at her age, you can enroll her in adult education or hire a personal coach...please do watch the movie World Apart.

Besides getting married to a woman who speaks bad English should be the least of your worries. Do you see her as a loving and caring woman? Does she love you? Do you think she will be a good mother to your children? Do you think she will be a good wife? Do you think will respect your people? Is she well mannered? etc

I am sorry to say, but there are ladies who speak Queens English but behave poorly.

This is the best I could advice. I hope it inspires you and it gives you the answer you are looking for. But if it doesn't, I hope the advice from my blog readers will help.

I wish you the very best.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Well I would love to say love conquers all. If you love her, teach her and help her learn and speak better English. But... as this life is

  2. If you truly love her, her bad English shouldn't stop you from taking her to your parents. Love supercides everything. You should train her in being the woman you want her to be since you are well to be.

  3. i also i agree with chidinma
    please before send her to school, just think if she is right for u as chidinma said.
    after that send her to school.


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