Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Angry At God


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But God I trusted You,
I believed in You,
I prayed,
I praised Your name,
I fasted,
I woke up at night to call on Your name,
I paid my tithe,
I gave to the less privileged,
I paid my offerings,
I obeyed Your words...
...I did everything right...
just as You commanded or instructed me to do...
But yet things didn't go well...Yet disappointment came...Yet so so so happened...
What is the essence of still trusting You?
What is the essence of still believing in You?
What is the essence of serving You?
What is the essence of praying to You?
...I gave up everything to serve.

The truth is this, everyday will not be a walk in the park or a bed of roses. God never promised that it will be easy but He promised that He will see you through.

Sometimes, you wonder but why?... A wise man once said, if God should open your eyes to see what He is doing or working or fighting on your behalf, you will cease to complain and keep praising Him.

Sometimes, we may feel as though things aren't going the way it should or the way we planned for them to go. However to clearly understand if it is even worth it praying, try looking back at your life and ask yourself ''are there any positive changes in my life?'' ''Did I move forward'' ''Have I been in any grave situation? and if yes, how did I come out?'' etc.

Looking back makes you know that things might not always work out the way we wanted them to but we are certainly not where we used to be. There has been great changes no matter how small.
Besides, the only person that will lose from being angry at God is you. When we pray or serve God, we are not doing God a favor rather we are doing ourselves a huge favor.

The devil constantly wants us to be angry at God so that he can always succeed with his plans in our lives. The question is, will you let him win?

God always has a plan. They might not be what we desire but are a far better than our desires and expectations. We might not understand why now...It might not be easy to fathom now but one thing you should always know is that...it pays to serve God and like Steve Jobs said, the dots we eventually connect.

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