Thursday, 1 December 2016

Welcome To The Month Of December Plus Giveaway Announcement

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Happy New Month Beautiful People And Welcome To The Last Month In 2016!!!

May this new month bring you the blessings you have been waiting to receive all year from God. May God's protection, presence, provision and peace rest and abide with you and all your loved ones this month of December. 

May you and your loved ones live to see the year 2017 and beyond. May every day in this new month be a month of thanksgiving for you. With a cheerful heart, I say welcome to the last month in the year 2016!!!

I know I haven't been publishing posts the way I ought to. I am still trying to adjust to motherhood. But nevertheless, that won't stop me from publishing posts from time to time atleast twice or thrice a week, please do bear with me. 

The year is coming to an end and I thought it will nice for to do a giveaway in form of credit/recharge card. By the grace of God, the bigger our blog becomes, the bigger the giveaway. Hopefully in the nearest future, we will start doing giveaways in form of cash and valuables. *Smiles*

So, every week in December a blog reader/visitor's phone will be topped up with credit. But in the last week of December that is during the Christmas period, 2 blog reader/visitor's phones will be topped up. It is only through your comments that you will be selected. I know many people visits our blog but without your comments I won't be able to know who and who to randomly select for the giveaway. 

In the first week of December Anthonia Eghaghe has been selected. Congratulations dear!!! Please do email me the network you want.


Yours Truly,

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