Monday, 5 December 2016

The Greatest Mysteries I Have Ever Witnessed


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When i say mystery,  I mean things that are beyond human comprehension... Things that I can't fathom how it came to be no matter how much I tried.  Scientist or even doctors might have explanations but the truth is, even them have no idea how these things came to be.

And these mysteries are :
1) How sperm formed into a human being with life.
2) How a human develops in the body of another human.
3) How the organs and parts of a baby is formed inside the womb.
The nose knows where it will be. The eyes, the hands, the legs, the nails, the hair, the nipples etc.

4) How a new born baby knows how to suck his or her mother's breast for food.
5) How the body produces milk for a baby's consumption.
6) How when a baby starts sucking the mother's breast for food,  the womb starts to contract to return back to its normal stage before been pregnant.
7) How a baby in the womb knows when it is time to come out and be welcomed into the world.

These are all mysteries... Many might claim they know how all these came to be but in their heart of hearts they also can attest to the fact it is already a mystery even to their understanding.

All these really shows how great, powerful and magnificent God is.  How He thought of these things and made them all come into life and play is unfathomable.
These happen to be the greatest mysteries I have witnessed.  I hope you were inspired by them?  

What are the mysteries you just find hard to fathom? Or What are the mysteries you have witnessed or is beyond your human comprehension?
Do share with us and let's inspire one another.

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  1. I used to worry about of of these things and more but not any longer.
    I stopped disturbing my head with worries since I found Christ. He gives me answer to all that I ask...

  2. Really God is awesome. With all this question.

  3. Yes, only God through his son Jesus Christ and the revelation by the Holy Spirit can we get answers to these questions. It shows that God is great and awesome in all ways.

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