Wednesday, 14 December 2016

15 Awesome Things You Need To Know About Some Specific Fruits And Vegetables


Need to quickly eat the pineapple I have at home *Smiles*
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Recently I was surfing the internet and came across these awesome facts about certain fruits on Facebook. I was greatly inspired and informed by them that some facts practically left me speechless. I thought I should share them with you and hope you get inspired by them too. ENJOY!

...And I have been eating banana lately *dancing*
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My fitfam folks where you all at? 
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To be honest I never knew about these facts. They are so simple and straight to the point. I hope you learnt a thing or two from the above and will be inspired to eat your fruits and vegetables more. 
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  1. Really wish I could access to these fruits.

  2. Wow, most of these fruits don't even exist on this part of the world. All the same, they all have great benefits

  3. That's not correct Mr Aliu, most if not all exist here in Nigeria, except you are talking about another part of the world. And those are great benefits to get from fruits.

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