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Pregnancy Difficulties And "Sad" Experiences

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When I got pregnant and my body started to change before my very eyes. My hips started to get wider, my skin started to glow but over night I started to have spots or skin roughness especially on my face. My skin started to get really dark. I became bigger than I ever had been in years...stretch marks etc.  My body started to "fail" me no matter what I did...or so I thought. 

I was exercising the best way I could but my body refused to give in. Whenever I exercised, my body will hurt so bad for days. I thought at first that it was all a joke or some kind of mistake till I tried it again few days later, I nearly couldn't walk...pains all over...Aside from not almost walking because of pains...I became ill.

My journey to being fit, being the damsel I always had been in my own little world was gradually becoming obsolete. I couldn't wear certain clothes, I ate everything etc. Anxiety, worry, panic, fear...just name it... started to creep in.

The only thing that gave me joy was that I was carrying a flesh and blood inside of me...that I was carrying a miracle in a human form. 

Gradually I started to realise that in this life, we give power and energy to things we ought not to. The strive to having the "perfect" body‎ has made us to lose sight of the beautiful, great and immeasurable gift and happening (s).  

I started not to care anymore...I focused more on my health, my baby, my sanity and my joy. When certain clothes stopped fitting, all I always uttered out was, it is for is a thing of joy. When I dress up, my concealer and foundation gradually became lighter than my shade, my neck became darker as compared to my face...I still uttered, it is a thing of was for will all go away after birth. 

Many said, ''wow! you added just a few weight might others said ''oh, you have really added weight and it will take time to go back to your normal self ". I just tagged them as ignorant because they had no idea what certain people go through or are fighting even if they think they have gone through that path before. Going through that path doesn't make your journey the same or even similar to someone else's own because no two persons are ever the same not even set of twins. 

I madly started to fall in love with myself. Many said, you still see ''road'' to make your hair, makeup and try to dress in this state. I just smile because I wasn't doing it for them in the first place, I was doing it for myself. 

When the weight utterances came in, all I said was ''nobody knows my body more than I do. Before you know it, I will snap back " and I meant every word. But even if it took time, my miracle in human form is worth it all. 

...Sometimes we have to stop striving to be perfect and just take a moment if not moments to appreciate the precious gift (s) in front of us. To appreciate God for everything. 

Pregnancy will take a huge toll on you. You will waddle whether you like it or not. Your steps will slow down that even babies will walk faster than you. Lol. You will sometimes feel as though you are carrying a very heavy load. Your knees, legs...body will hurt. You will be in a totally different place in terms of mindset, thinking and reasoning. You will be emotional for no just cause. Every little thing will make you cry. 

But choose to protect your happiness. Build a strong wall round you that the words, behaviour, actions of people will be very hard to get to you. 

Don't stop what you were doing because of pregnancy. You might slow down on them but don't stop. Fall madly in love with the person you see in the mirror because the person might not be what you are used to seeing before but that person is carrying a miracle inside of her that even body changes won't and can't stop or kill her morale or confidence.

Find your happy place and don't let anyone pollute that place for you, because jealously guarding that place might be the best thing you will ever do for yourself. 

Always remember, you are undeniably beautiful. Your body changes and many other things that follow are for a good cause...Nothing more nothing less. 

This is just to inspire every lady out there experiencing body changes in one form or the other as a result of pregnancy to embrace themselves because you are beautiful, priceless and strong. 

You are a super woman.

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  1. Very long but true,every woman is special especially after go through that 9months journey.but there's joy and happiness when you see your baby.

  2. What a piece Chi. I'm glad you found confidence in yourself even though it's your first...

    I was actually praying for twins for you. You know!


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