Thursday, 24 November 2016

One Unique Color That Makes Anyone Completely STAND OUT


This color isn't called royal blue for nothing. I don't know about you but anywhere I find myself, I always try to look my best... And there is just one color I have noticed over the years that distinguishes you anywhere you find yourself and that color is royal blue

If you are thinking of  unique color to where to an event or on your big day (traditional wedding that is), royal blue is the answer I tell you. To be honest, I have never seen anyone ever go wrong wearing this color whether it be a man or a woman. This color screams royalty and class. Just try and look out for yourself, in a gathering filled with people, try and look out for someone wearing royal blue, you will see for yourself what I am saying...their attire makes them completely stand out.  

Also, there is just something that screams class and grace when you see a man on royal blue especially if he is on a
traditional attire (A post on men's traditional attire here > ). I can't just explain it, but there is something in the color royal blue. It to me is the number one color that makes anyone no matter your skin color or body size or type stand out, any day any time.

I guess we should allow pictures to do more of the talking. ENJOY and be inspired! 

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