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What Is Your Opinion About Having To Buy Or Sharing Asoebi For An Event?


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Let's have a  brief explanation of what asoebi means. Asoebi simply means a unique material shared by the celebrant of an occasion to be worn at his/her event. That is, everyone at an occasion mostly weddings will wear a unique material (the same color) but you are allowed to design it or sow it the way you want. 

Asoebi is really a 50-50 thing to people. Some people love the idea of having to buy asoebi. They feel it is a way of connecting with the celebrant and also celebrant at his/her event. While others believe that many celebrants extort people through asoebi and why should they buy asoebi when they will still get the celebrant a gift.

As a bride or groom, what do you feel about sharing asoebi at your wedding or as a person in general, what is your opinion about asoebi at events? Someone out there preparing for an event might find your opinions very useful.

Personally, if I was the one hosting the event or the celebrant, I would love everyone to dress and feel like the Kings and Queens that they are in their own attires. However, I would indicate a color code on the invite for uniformity sake. But that won't stop you from wearing what you feel like wearing 

As regards what I feel about asoebi at weddings. I feel  it is a beautiful thing especially when you see everyone having to wear a uniform attire but designed or sowed to their taste and I feel I can always support the celebrant by buying his/her asoebi if the price is within my price range. 

So what do you feel about asoebi at weddings/events? Someone out there might find your opinions very useful, so please be genuine and sincere with them.

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  1. Personally, I'm not a fan of asoebi (dislike uniforms). These days people use it to extort money from others. A lace of 10k would be sold for 50k, all in the name of asoebi.

  2. Depends on ur budget,

    1. Thank you for your opinion on this topic Anonymous

    2. Thank you for your opinion on this topic Anonymous

  3. It's depends on youif a friend is selling,and you want to buy.its not compulsory that you must it's a matter of choice.

  4. Phyno is alobam, they're all looking great, Asoebi can make an event ok very colorful, but for me i dont like it


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