Monday, 10 October 2016

Please What Is Your Excuse Again?


If this little boy can make something out of his life with just one hand, then you really don't have any excuse. There is ALWAYS a talent (s) or gift (s) deposited by God in our lives, we just have to discover what it is/they are and keep working on it/them. 

There is really no excuse for you to make nothing out of your life. No matter how slow things are going for you, just keep moving, just keep trying your best because one day you will be noticed and also celebrated.   

Don't feel  sad
or discouraged about your current situation, you are better than those who aren't trying. As long as you keep trying, there is always hope...there is always a cause to celebrate and be celebrated at the end.

Please keep trying. Please don't give up. Please keep developing and improving on yourself. Please never ever compare your life or journey with that of others because everyone has different stories and different destinations. Please always envision yourself seeing a light at the end of your tunnel. Please keep pushing for it will surely end in praise.  

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  1. As little as this boy is, he discover his God's giving talent in time despite his physical challenge he sees it as an opportunity for increase. Many of us that are full upright fails to see our difficulties and challenges as an opportunities to be explore to discover our own God's giving talent(s). Chidinma do you know in every challenge there lies several opportunities but we fail to see and know them because they come in disguise.

    And again there is nobody i repeat nobody that don't talent(s) is just that some of us had buried these talents and some of us they are hidden to us because we had failed to try new things.

    Chidinma thanks for the inspiration its an awaken for us to know we are all talented and we need to discover them.


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