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How I Made My Catarrh Go Without Taking A Single Medicine/Drug


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This post will be in form of a story from my recent experience with catarrh. So, do grab a cup of coffee or tea as we learn and inspire ourselves. 

This past week I woke up in the morning feeling weak, with serious headache and a cold. Meanwhile, I slept with the AC on overnight directed straight at me, although I occasionally turned it off. Remember how we shared our opinions on whether it is healthy to sleep with AC or fan here > ?

Well, I normally sleep with the AC (sometimes fan) on but I am always tuck inside a blanket.  But this particular day, I woke up with a blocked nose, headache and weakness. But I wasn't having catarrh. I went to the hospital with hubby just to know if I am alright and the doctor said
all is fine and good.

However, with my voice you will know that catarrh is about coming or you will think I currently have one. Mind you the doctor asked and I said, I don't have catarrh because I actually didn't have at the time. So we went back home and later that night (with the AC off and the fan to the lowest), I was blowing my nose like no man's business with other things that comes with catarrh...serious catarrh has come to stay. LOL

Hubby and I went about with our normal day's activities the  next day but when he got back that day, he bought loads of oranges. And we started taking them (like 4 or 5 in a day). He was taking them to prevent himself from getting catarrh and I was taking them to get cured. Even when I didn't want to take them, I was forced to (Lol) for my own health. So I continued taking oranges and my normal water (I can drink water (warm) for Africa). 

Would you believe that within a day and half or 2 days all my signs of catarrh disappeared even my running nose ceased? I was completely amazed beyond words.  

This fruit called orange is very powerful I must confess!!!

I will try and do a more detailed research on this powerful fruit and inspire us the more. 

But in actual fact, if you have catarrh and want to be cured from it without having to take medicine or you are trying to avoid contacting catarrh, please give taking oranges (loads of them) a try and you will share the good news yourself. *Smiles*

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  1. Lovely post,so orange cure's and also prevent catarrh as well? Very helpful

  2. Lol @ can drink water for Africa

  3. Lmao @ I can drink water for Africa. oranges hmm this is good


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