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Friday Inspirations: Know Your Worth By Ugomsinachukwu


Ugomsinachukwu wrote this article and decided to inspire us with for our today's Friday Inspirations. Thank you Ugomsinachukwu and I hope this article inspires whoever reads it. ENJOY!

This is a very popular statement "know your worth".  Most parents ,teachers and school talk personnel (s) always preach about it . But the point is that it's never taken seriously. Aside from the general point of view on the topic been taken for granted, I myself never listened. If at all I struggled to listen, it will still fade, it won't stick in my head.

This topic might not really affect the males because rarely do you see low self esteemed guys or guys without confidence (but there are). I'm saying this because majority of the people I know without regards for themselves fall under the female gender I'm also a victim. It's a very painful thing,
seeing people get bullied, insulted, side tracked, people with esteem issues, depressed people, people that go as far as committing suicide! Why? Because someone said you are not capable of friendship or you are not beautiful or no! The common one is 'because you're fat! To hell with their opinions. 

When I was a bit younger and vulnerable. I used to think people never liked me except I acted like them of did "crazy" things like them, then they might find me a little bit appealing not friend-able. 
They will be like they can't be my friend "I'm too somehow" that's what they always say...I cried a lot though. 
I begged them to like me but they were just too mean to listen. Much later, maturity and little wisdom came along I got to know they tried every possible means to be like me act like me, to talk like be as cool as I was...they were even jealous of the food and snacks  I brought to they wanted everything I had even my friends ...of course I didn't know they simply hated me because I was better and more gifted than they could ever be.

I grew a lot older in age and decided I would drop those people and move on. I also worked on my esteem through the help of God and my family.
I moved to a new school was like one of the main people... as in I became a "big girl"of the school. That really that affected my grade badly because I let it get to my head ...I didn't care ...I kept in being on my high rank and so on....more friends came. I  was popular. People liked me. Everything was going good but the popularity didn't make me notice all the errors in my life. I wasn't all that happy with myself but since people liked it, there was no problem.

One fateful day God touched my soul and I totally changed this time for the best ...I started reading ...excelling ...becoming who God wanted me to be...became one of the best ...then before my very eyes every single so called friend dumped me ...they just stopped talking to me from nowhere.

The point is when you start exceling, you become a threat to everyone around you. Especially fake friends. Right there I realised that no one can limit your ability, your worth, your happiness, your esteem except you allow them to....know your worth can do more than you think one has the right to control one has the right to tell you how to live. no one has the right to bring you one is worthy enough to be begged all in the sake of friendship.

If they make you an option then do them a favour by subtracting yourself from their lives...even if it's your boyfriend/girlfriend ...if they call you stupid then you call them "single"...the bible says you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you really don't need people who will belittle you or belittle your worth.

...Know your worth.

Thank you and be inspired. 

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  1. Oh This is so touching,but thank God you discovered yourself earlier,fake friends everywhere.very nice piece indeed, KNOW YOUR WORTH.

  2. I know my worth, but this post made me to know my worth more. thank u


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