Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Celebrating One Of The Most Important People In Our Lives Today


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Today is World Teacher's Day! 

We really can't dispute the fact that our teachers are one of the most important people in our lives today. And do you know why? They taught us most of the things that we know today. Aside from their academic teachings, they also rendered moral support or advice to us. 

To be honest the doctors, nurses, accountants, artists etc that we have to or that we are today are all because of our teachers. We might have had one or two misunderstandings with them but that can't help the fact that they have immensely impacted our lives greatly.

I can remember I learnt how to spell my name as a result of my teacher after serious beating and
embarrassment in front of the whole class. Lol. I think I was in Primary 1 or Nursery 3 then. I usually spelt my name as ''Chidima'' instead of ''Chidinma''. I remember been given an assignment to write my name in the whole of my handwriting book. After then, I learnt the spelling of my name without anyone telling me. Lol

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Cheers to all teachers all around the world!

We love you and we are beyond grateful to God for you. May the good Lord continue to strengthen, reward and bless you. 

Happy World Teacher's Day!

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