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As A Fashionista What Is Your Opinion About The Trending 100 Pleats Of Gele?


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In Nigeria, the 100 pleats of gele (you can find a post on gele here >   if you are in doubt of what it means) is trending now that it seems as though this new and beautiful style of tying gele has come to stay.

Every lady/woman wants to always look her best and stand out in any and every event or occasion she finds herself in especially when it comes to Owambes and this new trend of wearing the 100 pleats of gele is one way to do so.

Now the question is, as a lady/woman or fashionista, what is your opinion about this new style of gele? Do you feel comfortable with it? How do you feel about it and can you be seen wearing it?

More pictures of this style of gele below coupled with my own opinion.

Personally, I feel this style of gele is beautiful and it makes you completely stand out. However, I heard that you need atleast 10 to 12 yards of material in order to pull off this look. 

My only question is, will this not look heavy and painful when it is on your head? If the answer is no, they my answer is yes, I wouldn't mind wearing it. Every lady always wants to look and feel like the Queen that is she wherever she goes right? So why can't I? *Smiles* 

So what is your thought or opinion on this?

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  1. It's sure looks beautiful,but to use about 12yards of material to achieve this beauty must come with a price which is "heavy".not for me thou

  2. Looks beautiful but heavy. Not for me.


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