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Step By Step Guide On How To Deal With Disappointment


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...Disappointment is one thing everyone hates to witness especially when you have high expectations. To many or most it is synonymous to failure. It brings depression, ‎discouraging thoughts, it steals your joy from inside and it more or less paralyses you. 

Many have taken drastic measures because of this and while others have cut short their lives as a result of this. 

However that is never the solution. Because it actually changes nothing. I hope these step by step guide will help when dealing with disappointment (s):
1) Just cry when you feel like-‎
Let it all out with your tears because the more you try to be stronger the more you break down. So just cry ‎when you feel like. 

2) Be ready to build a wall-
Everyone will have an opinion. An opinion of how it was your fault, an opinion on how it could have been avoided, an opinion of how everything will be alright.

The truth is that, everything will definitely be alright but at that point in time, you might not want to hear that or that you were at fault. This will just make you more sad and more ‎depressed. 

Though there are some words that are soothing to the soul. However at that point, you are not just thinking straight. You feel as though no one really understands what it feels like or what you are going through a the moment. 

3) Cry out to God-
Many might say but where was God when so and so happened? Why did He allow it to happen in the first place? Doesn't He hear my prayers anymore? 

The blame game won't help anyone. Besides, you praying and talking to God only does one person a favor and that person is you. 
So cry to God. Tell Him hour disappointments. Tell Him exactly how you feel. Just talk to Him. It might be difficult for you for you not to hold back tears when you are talking to Him, that's even the right time for you to cry the more...because you are pouring your heart of hearts to Him. 

4) Give yourself time-
Give time, time. Give yourself time to heal. Of course you can't heal by yourself only God can help you do that. But take out time to heal. In the process of healing, go in the moment. Do everything other than think of the disappointment or anything related to it.

Many might say you should strike when the rod is still hot but I say, heal first so that you will be mentally and psychologically ‎ready to strike back. 

5) Choose to get back up stronger that you did before -
The thing is this, you have to first of all choose within your heart of hearts that you are ready to try again. Because you have to prepare your mind, your spirit, soul and body. You can't just jump back into the game you have to first of all be prepared mentally. 

6) Hand everything over to God-
It is one thing for you to choose to get ready...It is one thing for you to get ready but it is another thing for your efforts to be crowned. 

Therefore, doing it alone might not help you in anyway, hand everything over to God.  

7) Be strong and courageous-
Cultivate the habit of being grateful for it could have been worse. You Still have your life and that's enough reason to be grateful and don't let past disappointments bring you down or pull you back from the victory ahead because it surely will if you let it. 

Just decide to be strong and handle everything with courage. Courage is synonymous to confidence. You need to go with confidence to conquer. But don't forget,  over confidence kills. You just need to know when you are going out of line and strike a balance.

8) Put in ‎your best-
Many might say learn from your mistakes in order to put in your best and correct certain things the next time you strike. But the truth is that you may have made little or no mistake to warrant the disappointment. It just happened.

However, there are times that mistakes were made. Therefore all you need do is to retrace your steps and know what went wrong.
This also doesn't mean that you should stop putting in your best. Sometimes we need to do better than our best to get the result we want. Therefore do that with everything you have got and always know that what will be surely will be.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this,really nice post

  2. Lol at cry when u feel like, but crying unto God is the ultimate. thanks for sharing

  3. I really needed this post Mrs chidinma....disappoint is a very sad thing


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