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''I am not beautiful/handsome enough''
''I don't think I will ever make it in life''
''No one finds me attractive''
''I am just ugly''
''I won't ever get married''
''The economy is so bad that there are no jobs anywhere''
''Companies are rendering many redundant. My company is next''
''I can never get a promotion''
''I am going to die soon''
''I  will never get a faithful spouse or be faithful to my spouse''
''I can't or I won't...'' etc

The question is, WHO SAID?

Many atimes, the words people say to us linger on in our minds that those words end up being part and parcel of us. 
Many atimes, we digest the words said around us that we begin to believe and live by them wholeheartedly. 

The question again is who said? Is it your doctor? Your parents? Society? Friends? Siblings? Colleagues? Spouse? You?


Is it God that said?

Whose report will you believe? Is it the report of what your doctor said or the report of what everyone is saying or the report of God what said? 

- There are no jobs in the land yet many are gaining employment daily.
- There is hunger in the land, yet many are partying here and there. 
- A woman once testified that her doctor told her that no matter how much she tried, she will never be able to get pregnant not to talk of carry her own children...but this woman is currently the biological mother to four beautiful children.
- Who said you can't be faithful to your spouse? Is it society's statistical calculation? Or what people around you/society said? Or what you said? Or what God said?
- You are not beautiful or handsome enough? Who said? Please read this post >   etc

...As long as God didn't open His mouth to say these words, you have no right to believe nor confess them. You may ask, but how do I know what God said? Very Simple!
Through His Word.

A wise man once said ''the Word of God is like the will of a very wealthy man. You will never know what you inherited from the man if you didn't study/read his will''.
Thank God for medical reports and prophecies. Thank God for the opinion of people and society as a whole. These people however, do not have the final say or final authority. God does!

Did God say it? If He didn't say it, then whose report will you now believe? The report of God or the report of doctors or the report of society?

Rather than wetting your pillows with tears and creating a new sickness in your life called hypertension as a result of worrying, why don't you get busy with reading God's word and confessing it upon yourself.

Even if God said, do you know He can still reverse His statement? Ask King Hezekiah.
King Hezekiah was critically ill and go sent His prophet, Isaiah to tell him that he should put his house in order because he will soon die.
King Hezekiah cried unto God and said  Remember, Lord, how I have walked before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes.” And Hezekiah wept bitterly Do you know that before Prophet Isaiah could get to the middle of the court while leaving, God told him to go back and tell King Hezekiah that He has heard him and has added 15 more years to his years on earth (2 Kings 20:1-3). 

God said my people perish for lack of knowledge  (Hosea 4:6). Stop believing what people say and start finding out what God said. Because in the end, it is what God said that will deliver, save, heal, promote you etc

So please think before you answer this question. WHO SAID those word you are believing?

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  1. So true chidinma,nicely said.All is God

  2. Yes ooo nobody can call themselves your maker so nobody has the final say

  3. Oluwa is the master planner, he has the final say


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