Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Remember The Fashionable Blogger On Wheelchair? Guess What? She Is Now Married!!!


I guess you remember the blogger (Lizzy Oke) who didn't let her being on a wheelchair stop her from doing her thing and being stylish (you can find it here >  in case you've forgotten)? Well she recently got married!!! And guess what? It was sure the talk of town (everyone was so happy for her). 

She is a Nigerian and by being a Nigerian there are actually 3 weddings to be performed. The court wedding, the traditional wedding and the white wedding, though many people do combine the court and white wedding. In the traditional wedding, the couple will change their attire up to 2 or 3 times depending on the tradition. 

This post is aimed at inspiring someone or people out there who feel or believe that they will never find love just because of how they are or were created by God. You can find or meet true love just as you are. The God that created you has already planned out your future even before you were born. He has already assigned someone who will you LOVE everything about you and all that is needed is for your paths to cross. 

Whoever you are, just trust God, your path and that of  your partner's path will cross before you know what's going on. Please find below Lizzy Oke's traditional and white wedding pictures. I hope you get inspired by them. ENJOY!
Lizzy Oke's Traditional Wedding Pictures


Her white wedding



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  1. I saw the video,but didn't recognise her,wow congratulations to her,so happy


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