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Friday Inspirations: The Stigma Of Women Being Their Own Worst Enemies


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We live in a world where women are known to be their own worst enemies, which unfortunately is a sad case. You hear stories of women been betrayed by their fellow women either as a result of jealousy or mere envy. You see women not happy for their fellow women's progress or women not wanting to help her fellow woman because of the believe that ''if I do this, she will surpass me. The rate at which she is going is too fast for my liking, let me hither her further growth by not helping her to move to her next level''.

You see fellow women
forcing themselves on their friend's spouse, why? Some will say, they look so happy together, she doesn't deserve to be happy alone Or I like the way her man takes care of her and will like him to do the same for me. Really? Oh women, but why? Why do we decide to hate our fellow women for no just reason?

You hear stories of women ganging up against one another...Women who wish for the downfall of their fellow women...Stories of women in unhealthy competitions with one another either in terms of a job, career, relationship, business, fashion etc. Is this really necessary?  Sometimes, these unhealthy competitions are done by people who doesn't even know that someone is competing with them or wants to be better than them.

Little wonder when you ask certain women who their best friends are, majority end up mentioning the names of their spouses or the name of a man. Their reason?
1) They feel more comfortable having men as friends than their fellow women.
2) Their secrets are always safe when they tell a man than when they tell their fellow women.
3) Unnecessary fights, quarrels, gossips and envy are avoided.

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But this shouldn't be so! Why don't we empower one another? Why don't we break that stigma or popularly saying the society have tagged us with about being our own worst enemies? Why don't we stand together? Why don't we fight together? Why don't we conquer the world together? Why don't we grow together? Why don't we build together?Together we stand, divided we fall.

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W.E.B Dubois said ''there is no force equal to a woman determined to rise''. Let's help one another rise. Let's stop tearing each other down.

Our children are watching us...Our younger ones are watching us. Is this what we wan to keep teaching the generations coming after us? We can end this unflattering statement lingering around us for years. Yes we can! Yes, we can do this! Every little step we take is a giant step taken to crop away this stigma lingering around us for years that we are our own worst enemies. Together we will break this stigma, together we will conquer the world.

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  1. True talk chidinma,lets be our brothers keeper women please.


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