Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Inspirations: Guess Who Was Rejected For A Job Offer In Toyota And What He Is Now?


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Do you know the name of the man pictured above? His name is Soichiro Honda. He applied for an engineering job in Toyota and was turned down. He later went ahead to establish his own motor company called Honda. Soichiro Honda is the founder of the well known Honda brand. This brand as at today is worth billions of dollars ($51.1billion).  

It is no secret that the company Honda has many employees. This could never have been possible if Soichiro Honda gave up. Yes, we know Toyota but because of Soichiro, we now know Honda too. 

What if he gave up? What he he never tried?

This short but powerful message will be our today's Friday Inspirations post. You might have been rejected. You might have been turned down thousands of times. Remember the man who applied to Twitter and Facebook and was turned down but later became a billionaire? (the post here in case you missed it > )  you could be him too. 

Rejection is depressing and humiliating but what is more depressing is knowing that you could have made it later if you never gave up. Always remember, it is not over until it is really over. You never know what it feels like to win or be great if you give up now. 

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  1. Nicely said,this is really inspiring.never to give up

  2. #nevergiveup #wordofinspiration


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