Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday Inspirations- Compliments...So Little Yet So Mighty


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If I may ask, who doesn't like compliments? Even God Almighty likes compliments...''You did this God. You are beyond awesome, thank You etc''. For God as big and mighty as He is to like compliments now tell me who doesn't?

Everyone no matter how strong hearted the person is loves to be complimented. Everyone wants to hear those words of how good they look, how lovely their attire is, how lovely their hair is, how good they performed etc no matter the person's sex or age. 

Many, I don't know why that is, believes that only the women loves to be complimented but I bet to differ. As we mentioned above, everyone loves compliments. There is just this unexplainable joy or feeling compliments brings especially when received from people we love.
Compliments brightens one's day. It brings togetherness. It helps boost esteem. It makes people feel worthy of being loved. It makes you want to always look your best in order to keep hearing those beautiful words. It makes you want to keep putting in your all in everything you do. When someone is having a bad day and you compliment that person, just watch how that person's countenance changes. 

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Complimenting people necessarily doesn't have to be about their looks. It could be about their smile, their laughter, their work or performance etc. Compliments goes a long way in the heart of many. When you compliment someone, it shows that you are paying attention. It shows that you care. It shows that you are appreciative.

It is really the little things that mean the big things to many if not all. Usually, when the person or people many expect to compliment them doesn't, they start to appreciate the words/compliments of strangers more and those words tend to be on their head for the rest of the day. Because like we mentioned earlier, it sure does brighten one's day & help boost their esteem.

Sometimes, what someone needs is just a word of compliment from you. Compliment your bosses, you cleaners, your maids, your cook, your spouse, your colleagues...even a complete stranger. It makes them feel loved. It makes them feel appreciated and cared for. 

Truth is, you just never know what it is they are going through in life or at that very moment. Just like we said, compliment brightens one's day. A simple compliment is all they need to lift whatever burden they might be experiencing at that point up. 

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Put a smile on someone's face. Just like the way you love to smile, everyone also loves to smile. Just like the way you love to be appreciated, everyone loves that too even someone you least expect. 

Have you ever seen someone compliment the other with a frown on his or her face? Of course not. Compliments comes with happiness. The little things that we think doesn't matter are the things that actually matter the most. 

If you haven't complimented someone today, please try and do so...It might seem so little yet it is so mighty. *Smiles*

Be Inspired.

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  1. Compliment someone today,chidinma you're beautiful.

  2. Lol. Thank you dear.

    You are also a very beautiful woman.


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