Wednesday, 28 September 2016

And You Still Think God Doesn't Know What He Is Doing? Featuring Adekunle Gold


The man above is the well known Adekunle Gold beside a television showing him performing on the same show he auditioned for two times and got rejected. 

Sometimes, when we fall or fail, we feel God hates us. We feel we do not have a purpose on earth, we feel we will never make it, we feel this is it. But ''for every tears comes a smile, for every pain comes strength. God trains a man before showcasing him to the world'' (Chidinma Inspirations, 2014).

God was training Adekunle Gold for the throne when he was going through all these phases in life. See another picture of what he posted on instagram in 2013

He was a man still trying to survive as many will call it hustle. But do you know what inspired me the most? He was optimistic. And today of course we are saying his success story. 

It is also not new to us that he is also very good in photo-shopping right? All those years of been the ''man of the arts'' you will agree with me that it has finally paid off right? People might have mocked him then or looked down on him, but who is laughing last?

Whoever you are that is reading this and you are feeling that all hope is lost, you are feeling worthless, you feel you have giving it your all and still there is no green light for success. I want you to be optimistic even in your fears, struggles and failures. As long as you don't give in to your fears or your present condition, you will soon share your own success story. 

It might be all pains and tears now but know that the sky is always very dark before it becomes bright. There is a light at the end of your tunnel. Choose not to give up. When disappointment (s) come just remind yourself where you are going to and where you see yourself tomorrow. Speak life. You have gone too far to give up now. It will surely end in praise. 

Please note that one of the ways to be optimistic and strong is to refuse to compare your journey with others and also refuse to look down on yourself.

Be Inspired. Be Motivated. Be Strong. Be Optimistic. 

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  1. This was inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing Chidinma. :) 

  2. Wow... Life is dynamic. Anyone can become anything. Thanks Chidinma

  3. Wow... Life is dynamic. Anyone can become anything. Thanks Chidinma

  4. Chidinma, if only you'd blog more frequently...😞


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