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A Must Have In Every Woman's Closet (Updated)


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To our men, please don't feel left out. Here is a post on the updated version of a must have in every man's closet is here >  DO ENJOY! But you can share this post to the women in your life. *Smiles*

Every woman loves to be admired and complimented once she steps out of her home as regards her looks, fashion and style. A woman's look, fashion and style are really the 3 things women do not joke about. These 3 things speaks volume about a woman without her having to utter a word.

A woman always wants to feel and look like the Queen that she is even in her most causal attire. And for these to happen, there are certain things she needs to have in her closet. As a woman, you may choose to have many things in your closet but out of those many things, these things must be included or found in your closet.

Let's know what these things are, shall we?

A pair of jeans (either skirt or pants)
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A top
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A black dress (the importance of owning a black dress as a lady/woman cannot be overemphasized)
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A corporate shirt

- A black bra 
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- A singlet
- A pair of slippers

A black handbag
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P.S- Here is ''10 different ways you can carry/hold your bag'' 

A perfume 
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A pair of sunglasses

A clutch purse
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P.S- Here is the ''fabulousity'' that comes with clutch purses > 

A wrist watch
A pump shoe
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- A sandal
- Black and white panties
- Black skirt/pants
- A scarf
P.S- ''20 different ways to wear scarves by men and women'' > 
- A sweater

A blazer (for corporate or causal events)
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Traditional attire 
P.S- This varies from culture to culture.  Here >  are some women looking and feeling like the Queens that they are on African attire *Smiles*

I hope this list helped? If you feel something should be added or removed from the list above, why not inspire us, let's get to learn from you by commenting below. *Smiles* 

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