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A Must Have In Every Man's Closet (Updated)


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Every man is a King with or without him knowing it. No matter how men wants people to believe that they don't care about certain things, there are some things that they will appreciate 100% when done for them. Every man wants to be complimented about his appearance with or without him admitting to this fact. This always boost their confidence and makes them know that they are doing it right when it comes to their fashion and style.

When it comes to fashion, there are  few things that needs to be in every man's closet to step by step bring out the King in them because let's face it, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed and every man wants to be honored, respected and admired every time he steps outside of his home especially when his appearance is right.

So, what are those few things that a man must have in his closet?

 - A corporate/office shirt
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- A pair of jeans
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- A pair of sunglasses
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P.S- ''Where to apply perfume for a long lasting smell here '' 

- A t-shirt
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- Singlets
- Boxers
- Wrist watch
- Black and brown belts 
- Black and brown pair of shoes
- A pair of slippers
- A Wallet
- Handkerchiefs
- Socks
- A well fitted suit/blazer
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A sweater
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- A black and brown pants (trousers)
- A pair of shorts
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 You can be more inspired when you see men looking like Kings on shorts here > )  

- A pair of slippers 
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- A pair of sneakers
- A tie
- Traditional attire
P.S- This varies from culture to culture. You might not be a fan of your culture's traditional attire doesn't mean you shouldn't own atleast one. A day will come that you will need it and as a King, you must always be ready. Here >  are some men looking and feeling like Kings on African attire *Smiles*

I hope this list helped? If you feel something should be added or removed from the list above, why not inspire us, let's get to learn from you by commenting below. *Smiles* 

Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A King

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