Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Gentle Reminder About This Powerful Plant Called Moringa


This powerful plant isn't known by many. However, when you get to understand what this plant and its seeds does to the body of man, you will start eating it and also drinking its tea like no man's business. *Smiles*

The picture above is just a tip of the ice berg of how enriched this plant is. If you want to know more about this powerful plant, here are 14 reasons why you need to
eat it more >  you could also drink it as tea.

ENJOY and be inspired!

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  1. Morning do have great benefit indeed.thanks for the reminder

  2. Have this tree in my compound. And yet, I don't use it even though I know the importance (learnt it here). Only tried out the tea one day and I didn't like the taste.


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