Friday, 23 September 2016

30 Years After His Act Of Kindness, This Ice Cream Seller's Book Of Remembrance Was Finally Opened


The ice cream man pictured up here has been selling ice cream for 30 years in Kaduna State, Nigeria. While he sells his ice cream, he gives free ice cream to little children who couldn't afford it. 

Fast forward to 30 years after this act of kindness by him, one of those children who he usually give ice cream for free then gave him the surprise of his life by
handing him a cheque of 3 MILLION NAIRA to say thank you.

He just couldn't believe it. 
His book of remembrance was opened 30 years after his act of kindness. 

You just never know what your act of kindness will bring your way. Many hate helping or giving because they believe that their act of kindness will be used for evil. But I say to you today, leave God to do the rewarding. 

Someone once told me, I cannot give and it will be used against me. You know why? Because if it used against me, It means God's word is not true since He instructed me to give. I will hold Him by His word and He has no other option than to avenge for me. 

I pray, just as the way the peace of the King was withdrawn till Morcedai was remembered, so shall the peace of our ''King'' be withdrawn till we are remembered. 

Always remember, your little act of kindness today can save you when you least expect tomorrow. 

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