Monday, 12 September 2016

2 Types Of Parents...Which One Are You Or Will You Be?


Which type of parent will you be or do you think you will be? Will you be the type who will teach your children to work hard in order not to be like the poor or will you be the type of parent who will inspire your children to aspire to be better persons in life for the good of others?

The truth is, many atimes, both children will end up making it in life but one will grow up to
look down on those he or she is better than. He or she will end up maltreating them and see them as nobodies. However the person other will use what he or she has achieved to bring laughter to the mouths of others even those who he or she knows won't be able to pay back. One will end up being proud and arrogant while the other, humble and accommodating.

You might say, well this doesn't concern me as I am yet to be a parent. But your attitude towards others especially others who are inferior to you when you are not a parent is the same attitude you will portray in front of your children when you eventually become one.   

Children learn faster than we think especially when it comes to what they see you do. As funny as it may sound, I still remember so many things my parents thought me when I was a little girl and to be honest, their actions were what I picked up faster. 

So, I ask again, which type of parent are you or do you think you will be? It's never too late to be an inspiring parent or a person whose life inspires others. *Smiles*

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  1. My child should aspire to be better to make the world a better place of course,lol


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