Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Head Gear That Is Speedily Replacing Gele In Nigeria


As I write this post, I am extremely excited and beyond inspired. Do you know why? Gele (a post on gele here >>> )is one thing, I have no idea on how to tie it, although my mum has taught me how to do so. It just doesn't look perfect in my eyes when I tie it. I get extremely happy whenever I visit my parents because I know that I will look on fleek to church on Sunday with my beautiful gele, all thanks to my mum *shines teeth*

I know that there are so many ladies like me too. The great news is that
there is something that has come to save our lives and that is turban *dancing* We inspired ourselves earlier here >>>  on how we can still look classy and chic on a bad hair day with turban. 

Well, I am happy to let you know that aside from a bad hair day, you can still look fabulous in your traditional attire without the stress of having to always tie gele. Turban has come to the rescue! *Smiles*

Let's see pictures of women dressing and looking like the Queens that they are in turban. ENJOY!

WOW! All the bridesmaids went for a turban!

The great thing with turban is that you can colour block with it or you wear a turban that is the same colour with your outfit or just wear a turban whose colour complements your outfit. In all, you just can go wrong with a turban. 

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  1. Really nice,because I can't see myself tie held.turban all the way.

  2. Really nice photos


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