Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Solar Panels And The Future Of Power Supply

Scientists and engineers are certain that solar energy is our future. It is a fact complicated to deny. In the age of technological progress, humankind can’t stop moving forward, we don’t even say about taking a step back. And all these intense experiments, developments, discoveries, achievements, and just simple things that make us feel comfortable are not just time and money consuming. They lead to extinction of nature resources and severe damage. This single fact is the best evidence of why people need to look for the alternative sources of energy. Luckily, they are quite successful.

Benefits of using solar energy

The most significant advantage has been already mentioned. Just think: you can get power supply for all appliances in your house and light it by sunshine. You can use natural power, which actually doesn’t do anything useful (or is it better to say anything at all?) instead of fossil minerals, products of chemical industry etc.
Moreover, you get personal benefits – economy. Of course, buying and installing all necessary equipment will be costly. However, it will be justified by the further economy. You will not spend any money for electricity, because no one somewhere far away on the Sun would ask you to pay. Even better: you can install a battery, which allows to store extra power and sell it back to the company.

Necessary equipment
Solar panel is the key element of solar power system. It is a panel that absorbs sun rays and uses them to produce electricity. 

A solar panel is composed of photovoltaic cells (PV cells in short). Cells capture solar energy. Interestingly, they don’t necessarily need direct sunlight and work on cloudy days, too, just a little weaker sometimes. PV cells are made of semi-conducting materials. Thanks to this, sunlight creates an electric field across the layers, which gets stronger together with brighter sunshine. These cells convert power into DC electrical energy, which, in its turn, with the help of inverter is transformed into AC electrical energy for supplying lighting and household appliances.

Different types of solar panels
If you decided to change the system of electricity, decide which exactly type of equipment will be the best for you. For this, it is necessary to estimate your power needs and calculate how much energy you usually use. It would be also good to take into account your location and the amount of money you are ready to pay. This will define your requirements and payment capability.

In the end, you will find out that there are three types of solar panels, based on different inverters. Stand-alone inverters are used in isolated systems, for example for supplying a house. Grid-tie inverters can store the excess of power or send it back to the company. There are also multifunctional inverters, which can do both, and battery backup inverters, designed to draw energy from a battery.
According to the type of silicon cells, panels can be monocrystalline and multi-crystalline, different in color and performance level. Interdigitated back contact solar cells are known for higher energy efficiency, and thin film solar cells are made from a thin layer of photovoltaic material and are still evolving.
Where to buy

If you want to make your own investment to the future of ecology, think about installing an environmentally friendly source of electricity. You can buy solar panels on Jiji with just a few clicks. And you can be sure to find the best price and quality combination. Direct communication with sellers and user-friendly interface come as a bonus. Jiji is a friendly marketplace both for the environment and users inhabiting it. 



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