Friday, 5 August 2016

Selling Fried Yam And Akara Didn't Stop This Young Man From Slowing Building His Empire


Fatoki Avowal 

Have you ever watched or read about someone's story and you felt greatly inspired by it and say to yourself ''Wow! People are really making it big in jobs you least expect?''.

Well if you haven't, you are about to. A very inspiring story of a young man, Ayowale Fatoki was featured on Awarewa TV. 

Ayowale Fatok left the banking industry after working there for a short time. He told himself that the banking world isn't meant for him. He decided to venture into food business. He believed that no matter what, people must surely eat and road side food business is a something most Nigerians find easily accessible. 

That was how is Akara was born with a capital of N20,000 and his mother's cooking utensils...
Here is the feature of his video here. I hope you greatly get inspired by it. ENJOY!

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