Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday Inspirations: Setting The Bar Of Creativity Through Cakes

This is not a newspaper but a birthday cake!!!

Wow!!! People are raising the bar everyday and leaving the ordinary lane to the extraordinary lanw. Talents have mostly been celebrated in our Friday Inspirations forum and today will be like one of those days.
I remember back then, when ''Happy Birthday ...'' is neatly and correctly written on your cake, you tend to be the happiest person on earth. But now, you can actually envision what you want your cake to look like and talent bakers will bring it to light.

I stumbled on an account on instagram that shares amazing cakes of bakers and some cakes really blew my mind away. There is nothing in this day and age that doesn't scream innovation and creativity.

As we will be celebrating the creativity of these bakers today, this is also aimed at inspiring aspiring bakers that you can do this and even far better as long as you keep practicing, developing and believing in yourself. These bakers all started like you and who knows, in the not so far future, the world will also be amazed of your creativity through your cake designs too. *Smiles*

Please find below cake designs that will blow your mind away. I hope you get inspired. ENJOY!

Yes! This is a cake!

Sofa cake!

Where is the cake located in the body of this tortoise ninja? WOW! 

Which is the cake exactly? The hair drier or the straighter? Creativity!!!

1 of the most expensive cars in the world in cake form. Just wow!

Some of these cakes you will ask yourself, where exactly are the cakes located??? I don't know about you but I am inspired!!!

Be Inspired

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