Monday, 8 August 2016

8 Great Reasons Why You Need The Early Morning Sun More Than You Thought



It is a beautiful Monday morning with the gift of Sunlight. The past few months has been all about rain and rain and more rain. The weather hasn't been predictable. It could rain for hours thereby restricting one's movement for the day. One could wait for days before his or her clothes get to dry. Well you could also use the washing machine to dry your clothes but even after drying it with the washing machine, spreading it under the sun is also needed. But in all these things, I am beyond grateful to God for the rain. 

Now the sun is shining so bright that for a moment you have forgotten what it feels like to have the sun shine on you...the many things we take for granted. 

No one really likes the sun per say especially when you are tired and drained and the sun is draining the remaining strength left in you. However, it will be great to know that the early morning sun (from 6am to 10am...mostly from 8am to 10am) is one of the most important things we need for a healthy lifestyle. 

Why don't we see these benefits together shall we?
1) The more the sun shines on one, the lesser the person's chance of having multiple sclerosis. 

2) Did you also know that the more a pregnant woman exposes herself to the morning sun (Vitamin D) the lesser chances of her baby having multiple sclerosis?  

3) Did you know that one's exposure to the sun helps heal psoriasis faster?

4) Believe it or not, research has found out that the sun helps to improve the mood of people and take them out from depression. 

5) Did you know that the early morning sun helps in strengthening the bones especially the bones of older people?

6) Did you know that the more you expose yourself to the sun, the better your chances of having a good night sleep?

7) Can you believe that the sun helps in lowering blood pressure?
You might ask how right? When our skin is exposed to the sun, it releases nitric oxio. This compound helps the body in lower blood pressure. 

8) Did you know that exposing yourself to the early morning sun helps protect one from melanoma? Melanoma is a form of skin cancer. 

I hope with the above mentioned, you won't run away from the early morning sun again, instead you will start to embrace it more? *Smiles*

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  1. The early morning sun is quite good thou

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  4. Lol... medical terms though! Keep it up chidinmasinspirations. This article is beyond the usual benefits of early sun rise I know... I'm indeed loving your blog

  5. pop use to tell us it's very healthy, me thinks it's healthy too


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