Monday, 8 August 2016

10 Things You Never Knew Onions Could Do For You


Those who love to cook can agree with me that onions enhances the taste in a food. No matter the type of seasoning we add in a food, if onions is absent regardless of how small it is, the food might be tasty but not as much as it would have been if onions was added. 

Well the above is just one benefit of onions. But there are still so many things we could do with onions or we could benefit from onions. Number 4 and 10 will shock you as it shocked me.

Why don't we find out what the interesting things onions could do for us, shall we? 

1) Did you know that onions helps in regulating one's blood sugar through the presence of chromium in it?
2) Did you know that you can lower your level of unhealthy cholesterol in your body by eating raw onions?

3) Did you know that onions helps keep the heart healthy? 

***Number 2 and 3 goes hand in hand. When one eats raw onions, it lowers the bad cholesterol in the body hence its help to keep one's heart healthy.  

4) Did you know that onions helps in growing the hair?

How you make ask? By making onions juice and applying it on your scalp or using it as an after wash solution.

According to research, applying onions juice to your hair can help with alopecia areata. It is an auto-immune disease where the body attacks one's hair follicles. 

Therefore the application of onions juice to your scalp or the affected area (s) helps in growing back the hair. 

5) Onions helps in preventing cancer by it possession of quercetin.

6) Did you know that onion provides instant relief  to pain and burning sensation caused by honeybee stung?
How you may ask? By applying onions juice to the affected area. 

7) Did you know that eating onions helps improve one's eyesight?

8) Did you know that onions helps in healing one of infection and inflammation? 

9) Did you know that onions reduces cold, fever symptoms or flu?

10) Did you know that onions could do this?

This is as a result of putting onions inside/under your socks and going to bed.
Onions helps kill the germs and bacteria in one's legs. It takes away leg odor. It also helps purify the blood when it absorbs into the skin 

You could see that onions isn't just meant for cooking right? It could do beyond what you thought it could do. *Smiles*

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