Monday, 25 July 2016

The Soup That Wards Off Cold


We in Nigeria at the moment are in a very cold and rainy season. It is the season of wearing sweaters, scarves and carrying umbrellas like never before.

In this season, contacting a flu and feeling cold is on the rampant. Many may not buy the idea of drinking hot water or hot tea to feel warm be as a result of their hate for hot water/tea. Well, there is one soup that can be of great help to you during this cold season and that soup is
pepper soup.

The more you take pepper soup this cold season, the more you kiss flu or cold goodbye. If in doubt, why not try it to be convinced. The thing is, by mere taking of pepper soup once during this cold season, your body will attest to the fact of how relieved the soup made it feel talk less of taking it often. There are so many benefits of drinking pepper soup and one amongst these benefits is what we just mentioned above.

Try drinking pepper soup today and kiss that cold feeling this weather is bringing your way goodbye. *Smiles*

A Post on an easy way to prepare pepper soup will be published soon.

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  1. this pepper soup postreminds me of i miss grand ma

  2. asked Iyawo to arrange a fresh fish pepper soup but she's too tired to do so lol

  3. Feel like drinking pepper soup but Lee boo have already served dinner lol

  4. Pepper soup! Choi!...the best part of it is the meat and fish!😤😤😤😤yummy

  5. CDI i just heard a very funny name of might know it "Acheke" commonly known as couz couz. .please i would like to know if you have heard of it or can prepare it....nawa for names of food o😂😂😂

    1. It's attièke but pronounced as acheke ....its a French food ...the truth is attièke is just "steamed Garri" with big name....normal garri for Making eba ...but you just steam it ...biko better eat the normal garri and soup you know

  6. I am actually hearing about this type of food for the very first time. Thank you Anony 10:07 and thank you Anony 10:18 for educating us about this food.

  7. Pepper soup always does the magic.

  8. This looks yummy,chi did you prepare this? Lol.thanks for the reminder.


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