Monday, 4 July 2016

Test Your Attention To Details Skill: How Many Tigers Can You See?


How many tigers did you find? I found 14. What about you?

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  1. Please where did you see 14 tigers, I can only see 4

  2. I saw only 8. After straining my eyes.

  3. Have seen 8 so far....will switch to desktop mood and continue searching

  4. i 'm seeing wao Chidinma u wan blind person?? lol

  5. 1) The 4 tigers you can easily see
    2) Under the right hand of the tiger by the left and the cub on the left- 1 tiger is drawn on the rock
    3) Under the second cub, another tiger is drawn on the rock
    4) Beside the tiger that is standing, next to its body a tiger is drawn using the grass beside it
    5) On the body of the tree by the left, you can see a tiger face drawn on it, immediately after the leaves
    6) Before the roots of that same tree, you can see another tiger's face
    7) Beside that same tree by the left, you will see one root after it is the floor. Look closely at the floor a tiger's face is drawn on it
    8) Behind the red parrot, you will see a tiger's face designed with the leaves of the tree.
    9) By the left side of the red parrot, you will see two branches reflecting the sky, inbetween those branches you will see a tiger's face drawn with leaves
    10) The tree by the left side of the 4 tigers, you will see a yellow parrot. There is branch covered with leaves by its right. Beside that branch is a hole reflecting the sky.
    Look inside that hole, you will see a tiger's face.
    11) Beside that hole is a branch, which there is another branch hanging out. Look into the space between those branches, you will see a tiger's face and half of its body.

    Altogether, there are 14 tigers in the picture


  6. 13 tigers😊😊I was close


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