Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Inspirations: Worries??? Nah... Thankful One More Time


Many atimes we are depressed or occupied with loads and loads of thoughts. Most times, they are thoughts as to what tomorrow will hold, thoughts of concerns for loved ones, thoughts of making our dreams a reality, thoughts of  how to get certain things done or how certain things will be accomplished, thoughts of paying the bills, thoughts of people who have promised to help in one way or the other & how their promises are slowly turning into false hopes,thoughts of this and that...

You find out that one thing gets done with all these thoughts and that is nothing. You heard that right,
nothing gets done with the worries we tend to consume our mind with. But something surely happens as a result of it and that is illnesses of all sort.

You become confused as to how these illnesses came about. You say to yourself, ''but all I did was to just worry?''. And then you find out that you have added one more thing to the least of your worries and that is the sicknesses you have just been diagnosed with. Remember that nothing happened to all those worries/thoughts. They are still nothing. Nothing was removed from them but something was added to them...sickness (es) additional worry.

So, since worrying does nothing or profit us nothing than to weigh us down, oppress us, depress us, sadden us and even create sicknesses that we end up running from one place to another to seek for solutions, why do we then worry?

The answer is simple. We worry because no matter how much we try worry is inevitable. We always find ourselves worrying about one thing or the other. But why? Because we are humans. However, we have to train ourselves to be thankful. When any form of worry creeps into our minds we immediately replace it with being thankful one more time.

No matter how much we try, the future is never certain. If you look back to 2 years or even a year ago, we will realise that where you were at that time is completely different from where you are today. Maybe at a particular point during that period you never thought for a second that you will survive, you never thought you will scale through life. You thought the whole world was collapsing on thought severally of how to give it all up. But you know what? You survived.  How it happened, you have no idea but one way or the other you saw yourself at the other end of the tunnel where there was light. Your story changed.

Therefore dust off every atom of worry because it neither solves the problem nor reduces anything instead more things are added to it.

Take one day a time. Be as productive and thankful as you can be. When worry knocks at the door, be thankful one more time. Choose to live a life filled with gratitude. There are many who wish to have your life or live your live just for a second.

Always remember, it could have been worse but it isn't. Just keep trying. Keep putting your best in all do. Keep praying. Occupy your mind with so many positive and hopeful thoughts that there won't be any space left for worries.

So I ask you, you got worries?
Answer: Nah, I am thankful one more time for that is the only and best way forward. *Smiles*

Worries have no other choice than to gradually turn around and become testimonies because everything will eventually become okay.

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  1. Worry less and pray more.that's it for me thou.

  2. It's clear in the bible, that with all the worry in this world, u can't add an additional hair to ur hair

  3. Worry can only give u headache

  4. Take all ur worries to God and he will sort it out....i'm a testimony


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