Friday, 22 July 2016

A VERY IMPORTANT READ: Why Did Jesus Fold The Napkin?


Before we start, Let's see John 20:7-
And the napkin, that was about His head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself.

This is indeed a mystery/secret that not everyone even Christians or every Christian knows of. Now let me explain what you just read and the above question based on how it was explained to me.
In the Jewish tradition, when the master of a house is eating, the servant stands beside the table till the master finish eating. Now the servant dares not leave that table till there is an indication from the master that he is done eating.

Now when the master lies the napkin he used in eating on the table and leaves, the servants can packs up the dishes and leaves because it indicates that his master is done eating. But if the master wraps the napkin he used in eating on the table and leaves, it means that he is coming back.

This short story has explained in a lighter note what the bible reading above means. Since Jesus didn't lie the linen clothes (napkin) on His tomb when He rose up from the dead but He wrapped it together and left, it basically means that when Jesus rose from the dead, He showed us an indication/sign that He is coming back.

May God Help Us All. And May We All Be Raptured When The Lord Comes. Amen

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  1. nice post Chidinma, me thinks it's in Jewish not Greek, i stand to be corrected if am wrong, really a wonderful post though.....JESUS IS COMING BACK

  2. Got no idea at all, thank u blogger

  3. Thanks for sharing more light on this,and Amen to the prayers.

  4. Our Messiah is surely coming back...thanks Chidinma

  5. Salvation is mine for sure.....waiting earnestly for him

  6. Oluwa is coming soon ooooooooo we shall be ready at all time, cos he mentioned that he will come this time like a thief

  7. At Anony 15:00, thank you for the correction.


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