Wednesday, 27 July 2016

7 Amazing And Unbelievable Matches Arts

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A dinning set 

There are times you find yourself creating things that have never been created before and people around you might think that you are stupid or you are just wasting your time. But the truth is that, you are a genius in your own way. You have done and is still doing what has never been done before. 

Many people might say, this is jobless. What is the meaning of this nonsense? But this isn't a waste of time neither is it useless. A quick question, can you do what this artist has done with matches on your own? The answer of course is no. So if you can't do it, don't you think it will be a great thing to celebrate this beautiful art works and its maker? Don't you think it will be a great thing to let people know that everyone was born with a very unique talent. All that is needed of them is to discover that talent or gift and continue working towards improving it? *Smiles*

That said, let's look at these beautiful art works together, shall we?
A lady's dress

A Tree

Wall Art

A house

A shoe

A tea cup

Please don't let anyone ever talk you down or out of your talent/gift. Soon those that tried to shut you down will celebrate you and also tell people how they know you. 

Every talent is unique and worth celebrating. 

Be Inspired

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  1. This is real talent,beautiful.

  2. na match stick dey do all these wonders?

  3. My brother abi na sister I go call you as u be anonymous lol na matches ooooo

  4. this is talent o.... but nna if you have children and they put light on that match act on the wall , your house will just burnn down.....i love the idea!


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