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20 Beautiful And Easy To Do Cornrows

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As ladies/women, we always love our weaves or wigs because it makes us look fabulous and classy. However, there are days when the constant styling, rolling, combing, brushing and straightening of our hair might be the very last thing on our minds. 

If we could just wake up, oil our hair, dress up and we are good to go right? There won't be the need to spend extra 10 to 15 minutes trying to style, straighten and comb out our weaves and end up going out and the hair is all messed up by wind or the rain. Especially now that there is constant rainfall. 

Many say, well they can't imagine themselves doing cornrows or Ghana braids because of the way it cuts hair...well I guess you haven't read this post >>>  *Smiles* Personally, when I get tired of having to brush, comb, roll, style and straighten my hair/weaves/wig all the time.  I just search for a lovely
cornrow hairstyle that is beautiful and easy to do before heading to the salon. And after making it, I always feel at ease.

Well not to worry, below are beautiful and easy to do cornrow hairstyles that will still make you look and feel fabulous just like the Queen that you are.There are pictures that I have saved to do at my next hair appointment.  
 I hope you love them and get inspired by them. ENJOY! 

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Best Cornrow Braids to Try Right Now | Hairstyles 2016, Hair Colors and Haircuts

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Photo taken by @braidsgang on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (10/02/2014):

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Small and Jumbo Ghana Braids Style:

images cornrow bun - Bing images:

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Blonde Ghana Braids:

Cornrow braids:

Dope style by @kiakhameleon -

Looks like cornrows to me. | 19 Hairstyles That Are Definitely Cornrows And Not Boxer Braids:

Cute Cornrows:

Set It Off Girl... #MichelleWilliams follows #KimKardashian's footsteps with 'Boxer Braids' . Ya'll like?! ...awaiting comment backlash (some of ya'll just can't take a Joke!):

Protective style Cornrows:

Art By Mervin He's one dope artist!! Link to his page now:

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Beautiful
Be Inspired To Look And Feel Like A Queen

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  1. I love number 2 and 7! These are so nice #odeshi #signout

  2. Nice pics.saved some already.thanks for sharing

  3. Madam Inspiration, see the assignment you have given me now. My wife said I should go through these pictures and tell her the one that will suit her best.

    I must confess sha, nice and easy hairstyles you got up there.

  4. Nekwanu umu asa chei these pics fit confuse a faithful married m lol

  5. The Lady on trouser ankara looks like my school mate back then at Uniben, is her name Omawumi??


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