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She Became Pregnant Without A Womb!

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I stumbled on something shocking, electrifying and amazing while visiting Stella Dimoko Korkus's blog recently. Please read this and be greatly inspired.

''Is there anything too hard for God to do? The answer to this pertinent question is obviously NO. 
It all began in the year 2008 when my brother brought home a lady and introduced her to us that she was the woman he wanted to marry. No one questioned his decision because he is an adult and he wears the shoes and knows where it pinches. 

Anyway, as their wedding preparations were on, my family found out a lot of dirty details about the girl’s past, but we felt oh well, no one is innocent and we let it slide.

They got married in 2009 and the long wait for pregnancy began. It got to a point my mum took her to our family doctor and it was revealed that as a result of a nasty abortion she did, her womb had to be removed. 

My mum confronted her and she broke down in tears and confessed to my mum. My mum was dumbfounded, everyone in my family was very sad. My brother, on the other hand, said he will still stick with his wife. 

When the post of the TTC was published earlier this year, I keyed into it with faith and reminded God that since He created us, He must have our spare parts with Him and I need Him to give my sister-in-law a new spare part (a new womb). 

To my greatest surprise and to the glory of God, I was at home on Friday when my sister-in-law came to our house and told us she has good news for us. We were all confused but lo and behold, she brought out her pregnancy result test and she was confirmed to be over nine weeks Pregnant. 

We all screamed with joy. To make sure she wasn’t lying or trying to be funny, she insisted my mum must take her to our family hospital just to confirm she isn’t lying. Mind you, she uses another hospital. 

On Saturday, my mum took her to our family hospital and the doctor asked my mum why she is bothering herself after all he had told her her daughter-in-law has no womb. My mum insisted on the test and to the doctor’s surprise, he exclaimed that indeed, my SIL is pregnant. 

Dear blog visitors, no one knows how it happened, but God does. Like I said, He has our spare parts in His hands. 
I just want us to realize that no matter how far we think we have messed up, God is just a prayer away. Only just believe and have faith. It may tarry but your miracle will definitely come. 


After reading this, will anyone still say that God doesn't exist? No matter what the doctor's has diagnosed about your illness. The Almighty God created us and He has the final say. He is with your spare parts and willingly give it to you if you ask Him. 

The God Of Spare Parts, I give you glory. 

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  1. Glorious and merciful God indeed.

  2. Amazing! God is indeed wonderful and there's nothing too hard for Him to do. As Christians we ought to rejoice in this our creator who can make the impossible possible.


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