Wednesday, 1 June 2016

She Is Plus Size And So What?


This couple's pre-wedding pictures circulated the internet yesterday and people made it a point of duty to laugh at them, mock them especially the lady and call her all sort of names. 

With all the women he sees everyday/everywhere he chose her. The funny thing is that she is engaged and soon to be married. She found love. The ''not so plus size'' and ''sexy'' ladies who were calling her all sort of names don't even have a boyfriend not to talk of being engaged. God is indeed merciful.

Let's live and let live. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in return irrespective of their size and how they look. Her husband to be, met her, fell in love with, dated her, got her engaged and fix their wedding date...She passed through all these processes as a plus size lady. 

Many might say but she is prone to health challenges. Do you know that there are plus size people out there who are healthier than those who are not? And who said she isn't working on herself? 
Do you know that many people are fighting depression and esteem issues just by the way they look? People are fighting battles daily please don't add to it.  

Do you know that there are people whose significant other loves them just the way they are? Let's say A is a plus size lady and her partner loves her like that infact that was what attracted him to her in the first place and she decides to shed some weight or he/she fell in love with you slim and you on your own decided to be plus size, now what do you think will happen?

Many might say, but nobody will love me this way. Who said? Are you God? Don't you know that no matter your size, plus size or slim your there is someone out there will be move mountains just to be with you. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being slim or plus size. Just let people be. Let people live their lives. Be happy for them. Live and let live. 

Work on yourself but never stop being confident in who you are and fall madly in love with yourself. Above all, be happy with who you are and how God created you. 

You are deeply loved. 

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  1. Inspiring, I think I'm perfectšŸ˜Š

  2. don't mind them....the boy sef na fine bobo lol, may God bless their union

  3. Am happy for them, see smile na.don't mind haters.


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