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How I Prepare My Egusi Soup


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Welcome to another post where we inspire ourselves under the lifestyle section on how to prepare certain food recipes. Like I said, you could also share certain food recipes with us, let us inspire one another and also improve in our cooking department. *Smiles*

So let's dive into:
Egusi soup to many who may have tried it can attest to the fact that this is indeed a very delicious soup. It is also a soup that doesn't take time to prepare.  

The ingredients you need:

- Grinded Egusi seeds
- Palm oil
- Grinded cray fish
- Grinded pepper or fresh pepper
...I used grinded Cameron pepper
- Sliced fluted pumpkin leaves (Ugwu)
- Maggi
- Seasoning
- Salt
- Meat/chicken/fresh fish/dried fish. It all depends on you really.
...I used meat to prepare mine. 
- Little sliced onions 

How to prepare it:
- Wash your meat with salt and water to disinfect it from germs. 
After washing atleast twice, put your meat into a clean pot, add small water, maggi and sliced onions then leave it to boil.
- When it is ready or fully boiled, put your meat in a plate or bowl. Then pour your meat stalk (the water from the meat) into another bowl if that is the same pot you will be using to prepare your soup. 
- Pour your palm oil into your pot and leave it to be very hot.
-When it is hot, add your grinded egusi into the hot oil and begin to stir. 
- After stiring and it looks as though it is about to start burning, immediately add your meat stalk and little water into it and stir. 
- Add your meat, grinded crayfish, pepper, salt, seasoning and maggi (that is if you feel like adding more. Normally once I add maggi in my meat stalk, I don't add more when preparing the soup), then leave to boil.
- While it is boiling soak your sliced pumpkin leaves into salted water for 5 mins then wash it atleast twice.
- When your egusi soup is ready, add your fluted pumpkin leaves into it and stir. Leave to boil for 1 minutes or a few seconds and turn off the fire. This is because you do not want to kill the nutrients in the vegetable. 

P.S- You could also stem it by turning off the fire then add your vegetables into your soup, stir and cover the pot. The heat from the soup will stem the vegetables for you. 

And this is what it will look like when served.  
You can eat it with eba, pounded yam, semo, fufu or even white rice if you so please. 

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  1. Chi your becoming a first class chef o.looks yummy.

  2. My favourite soup! I would also love some nice recipe for Oha soup. It's been long I cooked it

  3. Wow. One of the ways I know actually.
    Looks yummy, but I don't really like watery soups. This looks watery and lack a tiny bit of palm oil.

    1. That's actually how I like my soup. Unless it's Oha or Ofe nsala


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