Monday, 2 May 2016

When Your Hat Makes The Noise


As a lady/woman there are occasions you go to and you don't just want your shoe or your dress to make the noise as many will say. You want something more than that. You want your presence to grace the event with your fabulous style. Or there are times you feel, this your attire won't really make you stand out the way you want either because of the colour choice or the way the attire was designed or you are not just feeling that outfit...well after reading this post, you will now know want to do at these events. *Smiles*

If you want your style/outfit to make noise without you even doing much...then allow your hat assit in you in making that noise. There are hats that you will wear and from the ate till you find a seat, all eyes will be on you. Tongues will be saying, Wow, you is that girl? or who woman is that woman? *Smiles* Why not sit back and see the below pictures to inspire you more on this beautiful topic. ENJOY!

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  1. These hats makes lots of noise indeed. chi you just know how well to bring it home. you know most of our outfits says it all about us without we even knowing. lovely picture we have here.

  2. This kan cap dey scatter eye


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