Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What Do You Think? Challenge Update

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Recently a request was made here>>>  on what you feel our next challenge should be on. These challenges are just for us to test ourselves in overcoming certain things we normally don't put our minds to or just bettering ourselves. 

The suggestions are:

1) We do a challenge in testing our brains on giving the right answers to puzzles. 

2) We have a challenge on poetry i.e. coming up with good poems. 

3) We have a challenge on drinking water first thing in the morning before we brush our teeth.
4) We should challenge ourselves on not skipping breakfast.

5) We should challenge ourselves in reading and memorizing the scripture in a day. 

6) A challenge on reading a book and telling us all about it and what you learnt from the book. 

7) A challenge on washing hands maybe before we eat or after using the toilet or as the first thing we do immediately we get home.

8) We should challenge ourselves on not eating meat for a stipulated period of time.

So what do you think? Which one should we do?

Be Inspired. 

Yours Truly,

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  1. I think the Bible challenge and water is own opinion thou..

  2. Number 5.... bible challenge

  3. We really need to grow Bible challenge

  4. Majority win the vote. Bible all the way.

    I really would have love to go for 6.

  5. I do like puzzles , it's not a bad idea though. But Bible could be fun too , although I don't get what the challenge is all about.


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