Monday, 16 May 2016

This Russian Lady Could Actually Be The Real Life Princess Rapunzel


Princess Rapunzel

Sometimes certain things are so unreal yet very true. We are very familiar with the cartoon of Princess Rapunzel right ? The princess with a very long hair? This cartoon now rings a bell right?
Well, there is a Russian girl by the name Dashik Gubanova whose hair might not be as long as the Princess's hair but you could mistake her for the real life Rapunzel with her hair.

Her hair is so long that she actually wants to grow it to her toes and then cut it off and donate it as a wig. Dashik Gubanova actually started growing her hair in 2003 and plans on cutting it off in 2017. To be honest, I am still in shock that someone with that length of NATURAL hair actually exist. What an awesome discovery right?

Why don't we see pictures of this Russian beauty shall we? Hope you won't be shocked as I was. ENJOY!


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